• How to choose between a screen door and a security screen door

    There’s a whole of different security screen door options out there in the market. When you start shopping, it can very quickly become quite confusing.

    First of all – do you want a screen door, or a security screen door? If it’s just bugs you want to keep out, then all you need is a regular screen door. Your only decisions you need to make on a screen door is what colour do you want, and what sort of mesh do you want? You can opt for a fibreglass type, or a heavier duty pet mesh – ideal if you have dogs and cats who tend to claw at the door.

    If however, like most people, you want a screen door that will also keep out intruders, then you’ll be investing quite a bit more, on an actual security screen door.

    What’s the difference?

    To be classed as a security screen, the product must pass rigid testing to comply with Australian Standards. While you’re shopping, you may come across two different standards mentioned. Ideally, your new door should meet AS 5039 – the most recent standard. However, the old AS 2083 is still an ok security door. It’s not as tough as the new standard, but its certainly enough to deter your average burglar. It’s not all about the door itself either – it also needs to be installed to standard – if you are shopping around for installers, make sure that whoever you choose installs to AS-5040.  It doesn’t matter how good the screen is – if it’s not installed right, it may easily be kicked, pushed or even drilled out.

    So you’ve decided to buy security screens? Now you need to decide which material. In Australia, the two most popular screen choices are Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Aluminium screens are currently the most commonly used on doors and windows in Brisbane homes. We offer flyscreens and diamond style security grilles in Aluminium.

    The relative ‘newcomer’ to the Brisbane market is the steel door. There are several well known brands of stainless steel security doors, and while most of them meet Australian Standards, some have obvious benefits over others. We won’t critique other brands, but we genuinely believe that Prowler Proof have an overall better product, and therefore we choose to supply their Forcefield range of steel mesh doors.

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