• NEW! Aluminium Mesh Screens

    News-banner_popular-ProtecLove the look of the solid stainless steel mesh screens but hate the price? Love the price of the traditional diamond grills, but hate the look of them? Then you’ll love ‘Protec’ from Prowler Proof. Protec security screens are made from a single piece of perforated aluminium – no backing or grille – and welded into a heavy duty, aluminium frame, custom fitted to your door or window. All screens are fully welded – no screws, rivets or clamp systems – and provide the security only a welded screen can give.

    The perforations are small enough to keep insects out, and large enough to let light and breeze through. While they don’t let quite as much light and breeze through as a Forcefield door, on the plus side, they offer slightly more privacy – which is a great bonus for many people.

    Just like Forcefield, Protec has passed all Australian standards for security screens, and is available in a choice of 300 different colours – so not only is it among Australia’s toughest – it’s certainly the best looking!  If you think Protec security screens might be just what you are looking for to secure your home, you can download the PDF for more details  – and phone 0412 885 703 for an obligation free quote today.Protec by Prowler Proof


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