• Security Screens for a Queenslander Style Home

    Livprowler-proof-forcefield-fitted-on-Queenslandere in a Queenslander? Can’t bear another summer with Mozzies in your bedroom? Did you know that you CAN put security screens in? I’m always amazed at the number of people who don’t realise we can install security screens on casement and double hung windows.

    I’ve met people who have lived in Queenslanders in Brisbane for 50 years who never even thought to ask if screens were possible – many just assume we can’t work with the types of windows that the old timber homes feature! This gorgeous timber Brisbane home (pictured left) is fully security screened using Forcefield – a stainless steel, top of the range screen, which keeps out mosquitos and bugs, and the big intruders too! The mesh means you still get those beautiful cross breezes through the room, and the screens are virtually invisible from the street, giving you a clear view through, but you still have the peace of mind that comes with total security.

    If you are looking for something to suit a smaller budget, we can tailor any of our screen styles to suit these windows. If you like the visual security that the classic diamond design grille gives, we can do that, or if you really prefer the ‘clear view’ look, ask us about Protec – very similar looking to Forcefield, but its made of aluminium instead of stainless, so is priced more like the diamond grilles. I bring samples of all our screens with me when I measure up for quotes, so feel free to ask for a look!

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