Stainless Steel Security Screens

Clear View through Prowler Proof ForcefieldForcefield clear mesh security doors and window screens look amazing, and provide excellent security. With a clear, unobstructed view to the outside (you’re looking through a closed door here on the right) –  it’s no wonder many people walk right into Forcefield security doors when they are first installed. If you are looking for a high quality home security screen that looks so good you hardly know its there, Prowler Proof’s ‘Forcefield’ is the screen for you. So clear it’s almost transparent, it gives you a perfectly clear view, and lets breezes through – while keeping your family safe from intruders.

  • Superior materials and manufacturing techniques makes Forcefield a durable and reliable security screen which remains unrivalled within the current Australian market.
  • Twenty times stronger than the average Australian security product, Forcefield uses a .8mm thick wire of 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, linked into an extra heavy duty frame.
  • Seamless, robotically welded corners, and a premium quality, seven stage powder coating finish ensures that frames look great too. You can not see a single join!
  • 10 Year warranty – without the need for fortnightly washing required by some other well known companies

Forcefield has been through every test in the book, and not just passed them, but passed with flying colours. It not only meets, but exceeds all Australian Standards – and the international ones too!


The security test, the intruder test, the knife test, the jemmy test, the bushfire test, cyclone test, acid spray tests, corrosion tests – even a Hurricane test! And it was all done with ONE screen – one test after the other…

You can read all about each test, see the results, and watch the videos too.

If Forcefield is a little over your budget, you might consider Protec. Protec is very similar in appearance, but costs slightly less. Just like Forcefield, Protec has no bars or grilles, and is one of the strongest security screen doors on the Australian market.  Protec exceeds the Australian Standard AS5039 for security screens, as well as AS2331 – the salt spray test). So why is Protec cheaper? It’s made of aluminium, not stainless steel. It’s a single aluminium sheet, with holes small enough to keep mozzies and sandflies out, but large enough to let some air flow through. The mesh itself is powder coated black, and just as all our screens are, the frame is available in over 300 colours.

As well as a lower price point, Protec offers a little more privacy than the Forcefield doors – making it ideal for bedroom windows. Have a look at the Protec Page for more information, or to download a brochure.


…”we are loving our Forcefield screens – I can’t believe how clear they are. In the first couple of weeks the front door screInsect Screensen was on, we actually had some people walk right into it, not realising it was there!”… Amanda V.

Download Forcefield Product Brochure PDF – 883kb

(Image Right) This photo shows the view through a Forcefield screen from the inside looking out. For perfectly clear views, you can’t go past Forcefield. However, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to Stainless Steel, we have an excellent quality aluminum screen called Protec. It has a very similar appearance, but the view is not quite as clear – it’s a good alternative if you’re after a bit more privacy, too.