Welded Aluminium Security Grilles

welded aluminium security screen by prowler proofOur Prowler Proof  ‘Diamond Design’ security doors look just like all the others, right? Well look closer, and you’ll start to see the differences.

Unlike every other ‘look-alike’ diamond style security doors, these are fully welded. No rivets, no screws – all fully welded.  This means that these screens not only look far more attractive, but offer superior security. In fact, these screens have been proven to be more than 30 times more effective than the average Diamond grilles available on the Australian market.

With the option of large or small diamond (the larger is slightly more economical, and the smaller offers slightly higher security), both styles are available in 50 standard colours, with the option for an amazing 250 colours, using the ‘snaplock’ system.

We can fit Diamond design welded aluminium screens to any window or door – Casement windows, Double Hung windows, Hopper windows, Awnings, Sliding doors, french doors and even Stacker doors and windows!

…”Our old screen doors never seemed to close properly, but the new Screenco ones are perfect. No more rattling doors – I wish we’d changed them over years ago”… Aaron, Underwood.

Download Product Brochure PDF – 836kb

Diamond Design Aluminium Security Screens offer an effective and affordable way to protect your home – and you can mix and match strengths to suit your needs and your budget!

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