• What else can I do to secure my home?

    Good quality security screens on your doors and windows are just one factor in your home security. There are many other ways in which you can add to the general security of your home.

    • Don’t advertise that you have valuables in the house. If you buy a new big ticket item like a tv or gaming console, don’t put the box in the front yard or next to the letter box for large item rubbish collection. Break boxes down and put them inside your bin, or leave them hidden away until collection day.
    • Keep bushes and shrubs away from access areas like windows and doors. A large bush or trellis covering a window gives intruders a nice place to hide while they work on your locks.
    • Make nice with your neighbours. You don’t have to have dinner with them, but its helpful to know who they are, and be on good terms with them. Let them know if you are going away – that way if they hear or see something going on in your house, they will know it is not you, and can call the police for you.


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